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With a combined 20 years’ experience in the business our team is the number one when it comes to getting you the truth you need. All our costs are upfront with no hidden extras and everyone pays the same. We have attractive agents working in the United Kingdom, United States and Canada with a wide range of services to fit your needs.  


Over the past 2 years we have caught hundreds of people being unfaithful online from all over the world.

The typical affair used to start in the office and move to a seedy hotel room, but the vast reach of the Internet has brought infidelity into many couples homes over the past decade.

The growth in steamy chat room conversations and cybersex also has triggered a rethinking of the meaning of infidelity. If there is no physical contact or actual sex, we say it is still an affair! 

Our online service to catch a cheat!

  • 1. The process starts when our clients tell us all the information we need to know, brief facts why they think their partner may be a cheat, location they live, type of person partner prefers, these facts will help us best match your possible cheating partner to the right type of agent.

  • 2. The agent will then add the clients partner on the social media account of choice. We will also add mutual friends and match agents profile to the right location. All our agents use their real profiles,  some of our agents accounts are over 9 years old, we are the only agency that uses our real accounts. Fake accounts, look fake!

  • 3. Once the agent has made contact, we can ask any questions you want to know the answers too. Does my boyfriend admit to being with me? Is my wife planning on leaving me? Have they ever been unfaithful before? Anything you want the answer too, we will ask.

  • 4. Once we have the partners trust, normally after a few days, we will suggest a meet up and it will be made clear that the meet up, will hopefully lead onto a more intimate relationship between the partner and agent.  At this point we will send you a full report with screen shots as 100% proof of intent. 

  • 5. By the end of the investigation there will be no doubt if your partner is unfaithful or not.


What if my partner doesn't accept the friend request?

We will try different profiles. We will also send multiple messages that are specifically tailored to provoking a response from them.

How many people reject your friend requests and advances?

Only 10% of people we target show no response. We would conclude that these people are truly not interested in the advances of someone else.

Can your evidence be used in a court of law?

Yes it can. All our cases are finished with a full written report, including screenshots, that is yours to do as you wish. Should you need to use it in legal proceedings, you can.

Will you only work at certain hours?

No. We offer a 24/7 service. If your partner wants to chat at 2am, we will.

How can I buy the service?

You can either proceed by filling in all the information on the form to the right, and proceed to paypal payment or you can email, or  call us.



Please give us as much detail as you can when purchasing any of our services. Feel free to email us if you have anymore questions about opening a case.





Results with in 48 hours.

This services is perfect to test how your partner will react to someone instantly flirting with them online, one of our attractive agents will add them on social media and start flirting with them instantly to see how they react. 

This is a very useful, affordable service for people who have a history of flirting online with quick results.

It is different from our honey trapping service because we don't try to build up a friendship first we just get straight to the point ideal for people just starting a relationship with someone with a bit of a history to test there true intentions.   

Cheating girlfriend


Deep Internet Search

Our deep internet search service will help you uncover any hidden social media, dating site or email accounts your partner might  be hiding from you.

We use proprietary deep web technology to search over billions of name records from our public records database. The results might shock you, so please prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Results May Include: Online Alias, Phone & Address, Profiles From Adultery Websites,   Profiles from 60+ Social Networks, Top Online Dating Site Profiles,  and Much More!


Guy spy testing.

Guy spy testing is a completely new concept created by us offered nowhere else on the internet at this time.

What is Guy Spy Testing?

Guy spy testing is where someone of the same sex as your partner befriends them online to find out information they would not normally tell someone of the opposite sex.

We have all heard of the bro code and what happens on tour, stays on tour and is a fact men keep secrets with other men about their sexual conquests and cheating on their partners.  

We have carried out intensive research and test cases and found that men are 10x more likely to tell another male friend they have or are cheating on their current partner than a female friend or new love interest.

The main reason they do this is to show off to other males or to get it off there chest as a way of lessening the guilt they are currently feeling.

This is has proved to be the most successful way of finding out if someone’s partner has cheated on them in the past or is currently cheating on them now and they don’t know about.

How Does It Work?

Our agent will adapt their social media accounts so it has similar interests as your partner.

They then add your partner claiming to like the same stuff and are looking to make new friends.

Then over a period of time the agent will build up a friendship talking about many different things like sports, politics, computer games and women, the normal guy things guys talk about. So that once the friendship has been built up and he trusts the agent we can ask them about you and if there are any other girls they are seeing or have seen in the past while with you.

This way we can find out the truth to what they may be hiding from you.

This method has proven very successful at getting detailed information about what a guy is currently up to and also past cheating. It can take some time up to 3 months but is a highly successful method.


What's included?

The agents time for up to 3 months.

All conversions on social media are screen shot.

All telephone conversions between the agent and target will be recorded.

Update on the case every two weeks.

Contact you immediately if past or current cheating is confirmed.

Direct contact between you and the agent. 

Full written report of findings at the end of the case.





Bespoke Service

If you wish to talk us about combining any of our services or other ways that we can help you get the information you need please contact us to arrange a free quote and speak to one of our agents.   


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