Our mission is to help you get the proof you want using social media..  


We're the leading online honey trapping detective agency 

Our aims for you:

1.To get you the truth, peace of mind and be understanding about your needs.

2. Act as a deterrent for online cheats.

3. Be the most affordable online service on the internet.

We at Cheating Rat are group of the people who know what is like to be cheated on and know how hard it is, what you are going through. So we're hear to listen to you and make you feel comfortable talking to us. We are ready to listen to what ever your needs are. We're here to help you find out the truth. 


O U R  T E R M S  A N D  C O N D I T I O N S
Refund and Exchange Policy:
We will happily talk about concerns with customers before they hire our services. Once we have been employed, work on cases starts within minutes. With this in mind:
 We do not offer refunds on our services under any circumstance, unless we fail to deliver a full written report on due date from once payment was first made.
Reports are only sent via email to original email address first provide by the client.
  We will never break the law nor data protection acts.
We cannot be held responsible for technical failures.
By hiring us you agree to abide by our terms and conditions.